Are our Zodiacs wrong?

Hi everyone,

Like a lot of other people I can’t help but take the occasional look at my horoscope so often found in magazines and online. Although I remain reasonably sceptical about the wide variety of different interpretations of the stars, there’s something that feels quite ancient and magical about using the stars as a means of divination.

I have, for a long time, been fascinated by how its all worked out, hearing phrases such as “Mercury is in Taurus” has often led me wondering what this looked like as the planets move across the skies and constellations. So, typically, I bought an app, SkyViewFree, which shows me the current positioning of the stars, planets and satellites that surround our earth. I was very excited to watch the sun as it moved through the year into the different Zodiac signs, which is how our “star signs” are calculated.

On my Birthday of this year, which falls in the sign of Taurus, I opened my app and aimed it at the sun expecting to see the sun surrounded by the constellation of Taurus. I was somewhat surprised to find that the Sun was actually surrounded by the constellation of Aries, the sign preceding Taurus. I thought at first that maybe there was a bit of a delay as my Birthday falls at the beginning of Taurus therefore quite close to Aries, so I checked back most days to see whether the Sun had moved to Taurus. Annoyingly and bafflingly the Sun didn’t move into Taurus until just before it was meant to move into Gemini, could it really be that the Sun is a whole month behind where we are told it is?

Apparently the answer is, Yes it is a whole month behind. Since my discovery, I’ve done a lot of research on the internet and it turns out that most websites and magazines do not allow for the fact that the Zodiac was first written about 3000 years ago and therefore over time the Stars have slowly moved out of line with our calendar.

So does this mean that we’re reading the wrong signs? Well, yes unfortunately it does, I went on this website and calculated my real sun sign, which at the time of my birth was indeed Aries, not Taurus which I have been led to believe. This is made more annoying by my recent purchase of a Taurus necklace.

Since my Zodiac revelation I have embraced my Aries side, although I still have the same scepticism as before, if not more pronounced seeing as I’d been reading the wrong sign most of my life. However, I find the science behind Zodiacs fascinating and I am now trying to work out my own Astrology using the SkyViewFree app as a guide.

I hope this post is helpful for those who are interested in astrology and good luck in finding your real sign.

Love Cat xx



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