Rosemary is for Revision

Hi everyone,

Like so many others at this time of year I am in the midst of exams, fortunately mine have just finished but I know so many other people are still sitting theirs and have weeks left.

Lets be honest, exams are some of the most stressful things that a person will go through and they’re completely unavoidable, believe me, I’ve tried. One of the things I think makes exams so stressful is the pressure to remember so much information under time pressure. I don’t think I’m alone in being in that situation when you’ve been asked a question about some sort of terminology and you can’t for the life of it begin to remember what that word or question means even though you know you’ve seen it before!

Anyway, whilst perusing the university forums at the beginning of my many weeks of revision someone mentioned seeing online that the scent of Rosemary Oil can help you retain facts. I think it goes without saying, I was more than a little intrigued.

So I did some research and found numerous studies saying that people who inhaled Rosemary Oil whilst revising and subsequently taking their exams found it substantially easier to recall information when needed. Here’s the news article I read with all the science-y stuff,

After I got it out of my head that I wasn’t really hungry for Rosemary Focaccia bread I headed down to my local Neal’s Yard Remedies and got a bottle of the essential Oil. When I got home I put two drops on a tissue which I kept on the text book page I was reading at the time.

I have to say, I was impressed! I was actually remembering things as I was going along, (normally I get to the next page and think, “wait, what did I just read on the last page?”) and even toward the end of my revision I was still linking the information with stuff I had studied much earlier without having to go back to it.

Granted I haven’t done exam revision for 6 years and last time it was for 3 different A-levels that I hated whereas now its for 1 degree that I actually enjoy, so perhaps that meant that I retained the information because I was actually engaging in the subject, but honestly I don’t think I would have remembered as much as I did naturally without the Rosemary.

During my exams, I did the same thing, I put the oil on a tissue and just left it on the desk and I genuinely felt that I was remembering all the terminology and facts that I had wanted to. Perhaps it was a placebo but hey, whatever works right?

Now if only there was an essential oil to make the time between sitting the exam and getting the results go quicker!

Love, Cat xx


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