Why are we panicking over lettuce?

In years to come we will talk about the great lettuce famine of 2017, where lettuce levels were so low that panic buying struck the nation, what did we do without our February salads?! Joking aside, we are currently gripped by a lettuce famine, due to a bad crop in Spain. Supermarkets have begun to ration the amount of lettuces per person and the whole situation has made headline news. 

Now we find out that Spain have been hoarding their lettuces, preventing the U.K. from the full lettuce quota we are entitled to. 

I really hope I’m not the only one who sees the nationwide fear as a bit of an over reaction in the current political climate.  

Do we really need this much lettuce? In February? I feel there must be nutritional alternatives out there in the world. I also feel we can go without a salad for a couple of weeks whilst things right themselves. 

As to Spain “hoarding” lettuces, why not? They grow them after all. The only reason we have to import them in February is because we don’t have the correct growing conditions in the U.K. at this time of year. Maybe we should wait until the summer when we have our own crops to eat and let the Spanish have the food they grow. 

Seems like the polite thing to do anyway, it’s not their fault they had bad growing conditions. 


What can Theresa May actually do about Donald Trump?

Short answer: not a lot it would seem. Unfortunately for Jeremy Corbin Theresa May is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom not President of the United States. The President, whether we like it or not is a democratically elected leader of a free country. If he’s answerable to anyone then its to the 63 million people who voted for him (and the 65.8 million people who didn’t, but that’s a debate for another day). Americans have made their decision and now they have to live with it. However, Americans have managed to irritate most of the world in the process. Mexico is being bricked off and anyone from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia have been banned from immigrating to the USA. Not only is this deeply hurtful to these people but shockingly intolerant. Whether Trump admits it or not, to judge someone simply on the country they were born in or the religion they practice is prejudiced beyond belief. And this is the leader of one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world! 

Back to us in Britain, what can we possibly do, well Theresa May has made it clear that she is not going to intervene in American politics. Whatever her reasons, only she can know and we can speculate over. But, the harsh truth is, America is not our country, our Prime Minister can only influence our policies not those of any other country. Can you imagine a world where a leader of a country can tell any other country what it can and can’t do? It’s dangerous to start doing that now even in these circumstances. We only need look back at Neville Chamberlain to see why leaders intervening in other countries affairs doesn’t work out well. 

Theresa May is also correct in saying that we all knew that this was his plan, but Theresa has forgotten that in Britain, it has practically become a tradition that what a politician promises to do, the opposite will happen (Nick Clegg and Sadiq Khan spring to mind). But Donald Trump is not a politician, so perhaps that’s why. 

So what can we do about this political tyrant that’s not a politician. Well I suppose we can start by treating him as what he is, a businessman. Businessmen are motivated by the potential of success. If Trump bans certain people from his country and the rest of the world follow – success! However, what if we use this as an opportunity to essentially do the opposite. If we, and other countries, show compassion and tolerance and inclusivity, by working with the countries so victimised by Trump we can create better understanding between nations and eradicate this fear of the one in a million and focus on the other 999,999 people who are just ordinary people trying to get by in life the same as anyone else in any religion and any country. I don’t mean leave it up to the politicians either, this is something we all can do just by getting out a bit. Doing this will reveal Trump to be the bully that he is and we’ll end up a happier world all round as well. 

No leader wants to be left out from the rest of the world, but with putting a wall on a land border and preventing people from certain countries immigrating it’s clear, the USA wants to be left alone and are going to have a right tantrum about it until they get what they want. So let’s do it, let’s show Trump that the rest of the world does not depend on America, will not be influenced by its extreme stance and will cope just fine without it. Everybody wins.