Dog at the Vets: A Poem

The other day, I had to take my little West Highland Terrier, Bobby, to the vets. Don’t worry he’s fine. Whilst i was there I decided to write a poem about going to the vets from the point of view of my dog. Give it a read and tell me what you think.


The westie himself, Bobby!

We’ve wandered into the vets again,
by accident I’m sure,
but incase my owners have some plan,
I’ll sit right next to the door.

One by one the others go in
and come out wagging their tail,
but I know the vet has conned them all
and with me he shall fail.

My name is called,
I’m filled with fear,
if only I
could disappear;

To be at home
with a rug and a toy,
that would bring me
far more joy.

His hands are cold,
he pokes and prods,
he talks away
and grins and nods.

A yap and a growl
and a bit a scowl;
he surely must
let me go now.

It worked, I’m off
and sat by the door.
A pat on the head
meets a slap with a paw.

At last we’re leaving
and off home I plod
to have my dinner
which now tastes rather odd.

 – By Catherine Wake, 12/04/2016


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